Hey Jim
Matt and Brit here
Wanted to send you a little update we renamed Franky
her name is now Porscha shes doing amazing !
Been to the vet everything up to date. Trainings going well she was 12lbs when we got her from you shes now tipping the scale a little over 18 lbs.
Shes gonna be a big beautiful girl! you did a fine job!

Hi Jim
Sorry we have taken so long to get back to you about our puppy Mollie. We cant thank you enough. I cant believe no one picked her up before we did. She is adorable. Her colours are incredible! Kim and the kids took their turns holding her on the way home. Kim was holding her when we got home and the blue point Siamese we got from you 12 years ago jumped up on Kim and cuddled right in. Took a picture of it. Was really cute since they both came from you. She really is sweet, playful and smart. I read your puppy instructions even though we have had puppies in the past and learned a lot. I have been using them and it really helped with potty training and nipping.
Even the vet is very impressed with her.
Well worth the drive!
Again thank you!
Scott, Kim and the kids.